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1. IDEA 

2. Paul

3. Kipp CP

4. Thurgood Marshall

DateDay of WeekStart TimesHome TeamAway TeamLocationGame Type
01/08/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.IDEADC InternationalIDEARegular Season
01/08/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.PaulKIPP CPPaulRegular Season
01/08/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.Richard WrightThurgood MarshallRichard WrightRegular Season
01/10/2019Thursday5:30 PMDC InternationalKIPP CPDC InternationalRegular Season
01/10/2019Thursday5:30 PMIDEAThurgood MarshallIDEARegular Season
01/10/2019Thursday5:30 PMRichard WrightPaulRichard WrightRegular Season
01/15/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.Thurgood MarshallDC InternationalThurgood MarshallRegular Season
01/15/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.Richard WrightKIPP CPRichard WrightRegular Season
01/15/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.PaulIDEAPaulRegular Season
01/17/2019Thursday5:30 PMRichard WrightDC InternationalRichard WrightRegular Season
01/17/2019Thursday5:30 PMThurgood MarshallPaulThurgood MarshallRegular Season
01/17/2019Thursday5:30 PMKIPP CPIDEAKIPP CPRegular Season
01/22/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.DC InternationalPaulDC InternationalRegular Season
01/22/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.Richard WrightIDEARichard WrightRegular Season
01/22/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.KIPP CPThurgood MarshallKIPP CPRegular Season
01/24/2019Thursday5:30 PMDC InternationalIDEADC InternationalRegular Season
01/24/2019Thursday5:30 PMKIPP CPPaulKIPP CPRegular Season
01/24/2019Thursday5:30 PMThurgood MarshallRichard WrightThurgood MarshallRegular Season
01/29/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.KIPP CPDC InternationalKIPP CPRegular Season
01/29/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.Thurgood MarshallIDEAThurgood MarshallRegular Season
01/29/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.PaulRichard WrightPaulRegular Season
01/31/2019Thursday5:30 PMDC InternationalThurgood MarshallDC InternationalRegular Season
01/31/2019Thursday5:30 PMKIPP CPRichard WrightKIPP CPRegular Season
01/31/2019Thursday5:30 PMIDEAPaulIDEARegular Season
02/05/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.DC InternationalRichard WrightDC InternationalRegular Season
02/05/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.PaulThurgood MarshallPaulRegular Season
02/05/2019Tuesday7:00 P.M.IDEAKIPP CPIDEARegular Season
02/07/2019Thursday5:30 PMPaulDC InternationalPaulRegular Season
02/07/2019Thursday5:30 PMIDEARichard WrightIDEARegular Season
02/07/2019Thursday5:30 PMThurgood MarshallKIPP CPThurgood MarshallRegular Season
02/14/19Thursday5:30 p.m.SEED 1SEED 8SEED 1PCSAA Girls Playoff Quarter Final #1
02/14/19Thursday5:30 p.m.SEED 2SEED 7SEED 2PCSAA Girls Playoff Quarter Final #2
02/14/19Thursday5:30 p.m.SEED 3SEED 6SEED 3PCSAA Girls Playoff Quarter Final #3
02/14/19Thursday5:30 p.m.SEED 4SEED 5SEED 4PCSAA Girls Playoffs Quarter Final #4
02/19/19Tuesday5:30 p.m.Winner of Quarter Final #1Winner of Quarter Final #4Highest SEEDPCSAA Girls Playoff Semi Final #1
02/19/19Tuesday5:30 p.m.Winner of Quarter Final #2Winner of Quarter Final #3Highest SEEDPCSAA Girls Playoff Semi Final #2
02/23/19Saturday11 a.m.Winner of Semi Final #1Winnter of Semi Final #2TBDPCSAA GirlsPlayoffs Championship
DateStart TimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationNIT Girls Playoffs
02/15/19Friday5:30 p.m.SEED 11SEED 13SEED 11NIT Girls Playoffs Quarter Final #1
02/15/19Friday5:30 p.m.SEED 12SEED 14SEED 12NIT Girls Playoffs Quarter Final #2
02/19/19Tuesday5:30 p.m.SEED 9Winnter of Quarter Final #2SEED 9NIT Girls Playoffs Semi Final #1
02/19/19Tuesday5:30 p.m.SEED 10Winner of Quarter Final #1SEED 10NIT Girls Playoffs Semi Final #2
02/21/19Thursday7:30 p.m.Winner of Semi Final #1Winner of Semi Final #2TBDNIT Girls Championship
04/11/19Thursday5:30 p.m.Red TeamWhite TeamTBDGirls All Start Game