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1. Somerset

2. Washington Latin

3. Friendship Tech

4. National Collegiate

5. Maya  Angelou



Day of WeekDateGame TimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationGame Type
Tuesday01/08/20195:30 PMSomersetNational CollegiateSomersetRegular Season
Tuesday01/08/20195:30 PMWashington LatinFriendship Tech PrepWashington LatinRegular Season
Tuesday01/08/20195:30 PMMaya AngelouSEEDMaya AngelouRegular Season
Thursday01/10/20197:00 PMFriendship Tech PrepNational CollegiateFriendship Tech PrepRegular Season
Thursday01/10/20197:00 PMSomersetMaya AngelouSomersetRegular Season
Thursday01/10/20197:00 PMWashington LatinSEEDWashington LatinRegular Season
Tuesday01/15/20195:30 PMMaya AngelouNational CollegiateMaya AngelouRegular Season
Tuesday01/15/20195:30 PMFriendship Tech PrepSEEDFriendship Tech PrepRegular Season
Tuesday01/15/20195:30 PMSomersetWashington LatinSomersetRegular Season
Thursday01/17/20197:00 PMSEEDNational CollegiateSEEDRegular Season
Thursday01/17/20197:00 PMMaya AngelouWashington LatinMaya AngelouRegular Season
Thursday01/17/20197:00 PMFriendship Tech PrepSomersetFriendship Tech PrepRegular Season
Tuesday01/22/20195:30 PMWashington LatinNational CollegiateWashington LatinRegular Season
Tuesday01/22/20195:30 PMSomersetSEEDSomersetRegular Season
Tuesday01/22/20195:30 PMMaya AngelouFriendship Tech PrepMaya AngelouRegular Season
Thursday01/24/20197:00 PMNational CollegiateSomersetNational CollegiateRegular Season
Thursday01/24/20197:00 PMFriendship Tech PrepWashington LatinFriendship Tech PrepRegular Season
Thursday01/24/20197:00 PMSEEDMaya AngelouSEEDRegular Season
Tuesday01/29/20194:30 PMNational CollegiateFriendship Tech PrepNational CollegiateRegular Season
Tuesday01/29/20194:30 PMMaya AngelouSomersetMaya AngelouRegular Season
Tuesday01/29/20194:30 PMSEEDWashington LatinSEEDRegular Season
Thursday01/31/20197:00 PMNational CollegiateMaya AngelouNational CollegiateRegular Season
Thursday01/31/20197:00 PMSEEDFriendship Tech PrepSEEDRegular Season
Thursday01/31/20197:00 PMWashington LatinSomersetWashington LatinRegular Season
Tuesday02/05/20195:30 PMNational CollegiateSEEDNational CollegiateRegular Season
Tuesday02/05/20195:30 PMWashington LatinMaya AngelouWashington LatinRegular Season
Tuesday02/05/20195:30 PMSomersetFriendship Tech PrepSomersetRegular Season
Thursday02/07/20197:00 PMNational CollegiateWashington LatinNational CollegiateRegular Season
Thursday02/07/20197:00 PMSEEDSomersetSEEDRegular Season
Thursday02/07/20197:00 PMFriendship Tech PrepMaya AngelouFriendship Tech PrepRegular Season
Thursday02/14/195:30 p.m.SEED 1SEED 8SEED 1PCSAA Playoffs Quarter Final #1
Thursday02/14/195:30 p.m.SEED 2SEED 7SEED 2PCSAA Playoffs Quarter Final #2
Thursday02/14/195:30 p.m.SEED 3SEED 6SEED 3PCSAA Playoffs Quarter Final #3
Thursday02/14/195:30 p.m.SEED 4SEED 5SEED 4PCSAA Playoffs Quarter Final #4
Tuesday02/19/195:30 p.m.Winner of Quarter Final #1Winner of Quarter Final #4Highest SEEDPCSAA Playoffs Semi Final #1
Tuesday02/19/195:30 p.m.Winner of Quarter Final #2Winner of Quarter Final #3Highest SEEDPCSAA Playoffs Semi Final #2
Saturday02/23/192 p.m.Winner of Semi Final #1Winnter of Semi Final #2TBDPCSAA Playoffs Championship
DateStart TimeHome TeamAway TeamLocationNIT Boys Playoffs
Friday02/15/195:30 p.m.SEED 11SEED 13SEED 11NIT Playoffs Quarter Final #1
Friday02/15/195:30 p.m.SEED 12SEED 14SEED 12NIT Playoffs Quarter Final #2
Tuesday02/19/195:30 p.m.SEED 9Winner of Quarter Final #2SEED 9NIT Playoffs Semi Final #1
Tuesday02/19/195:30 p.m.SEED 10Winner of Quarter Final #1SEED 10NIT Playoffs Semi Final #2
Thursday02/21/197:30 p.m.Winner of Semi Final #1Winner of Semi Final #2TBDNIT Boys Championship
Thursday04/11/197:30 p.m.White TeamRed TeamTBDBoys All Star Game