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2018-2019 HS Volleyball Red Division by DC PCSAA Powered by SportsMarkit
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2018-2019 HS Volleyball Red Division

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1. Kipp

2. Chavez Parkside

3. Friendship Tech Prep

4. National Collegiate

5. Maya  Angelou

6. Capital City



DateDay of WeekTimeHomeAwayLocationGame type
09/18/2018Tuesday4:30 PMNational CollegiateMaya AngelouNational CollegiateRegular Season
09/18/2018Tuesday4:30 PMKIPPChavez ParksideKIPPRegular Season
09/18/2018Tuesday4:30 PMCapital CityTech PrepCapital CityRegular Season
09/18/2018Tuesday4:30 PMSEEDIDEASEEDRegular Season
09/20/2018Thursday4:30 PMNational CollegiateChavez ParksideNational CollegiateRegular Season
09/20/2018Thursday4:30 PMMaya AngelouCapital CityMaya AngelouRegular Season
09/20/2018Thursday4:30 PMKIPPSEEDKIPPRegular Season
09/20/2018Thursday4:30 PMTech PrepIDEATech PrepRegular Season
09/25/2018Tuesday4:30 PMCapital CityNational CollegiateCapital CityRegular Season
09/25/2018Tuesday4:30 PMChavez ParksideSEEDChavez ParksideRegular Season
09/25/2018Tuesday4:30 PMIDEAMaya AngelouIDEARegular Season
09/25/2018Tuesday4:30 PMKIPPTech PrepKIPPRegular Season
09/27/2018Thursday4:30 PMSEEDNational CollegiateSEEDRegular Season
09/27/2018Thursday4:30 PMCapital CityIDEACapital CityRegular Season
09/27/2018Thursday4:30 PMChavez ParksideTech PrepChavez ParksideRegular Season
09/27/2018Thursday4:30 PMMaya AngelouKIPPMaya AngelouRegular Season
10/02/2018Tuesday4:30 PMNational CollegiateIDEANational CollegiateRegular Season
10/02/2018Tuesday4:30 PMSEEDTech PrepSEEDRegular Season
10/02/2018Tuesday4:30 PMKIPPCapital CityKIPPRegular Season
10/02/2018Tuesday4:30 PMMaya AngelouChavez ParksideMaya AngelouRegular Season
10/04/2018Thursday4:30 PMTech PrepNational CollegiateTech PrepRegular Season
10/04/2018Thursday4:30 PMKIPPIDEAKIPPRegular Season
10/04/2018Thursday4:30 PMSEEDMaya AngelouSEEDRegular Season
10/04/2018Thursday4:30 PMCapital CityChavez ParksideCapital CityRegular Season
10/09/2018Tuesday4:30 PMKIPPNational CollegiateKIPPRegular Season
10/09/2018Tuesday4:30 PMTech PrepMaya AngelouTech PrepRegular Season
10/09/2018Tuesday4:30 PMChavez ParksideIDEAChavez ParksideRegular Season
10/09/2018Tuesday4:30 PMCapital CitySEEDCapital CityRegular Season
10/16/18Tuesday5 p.m.Red Seed #1Red Seed #4Seed #1 SchoolQuarter Final
10/16/18Tuesday5 p.m.Red Seed #2Red Seed #3Seed #2 SchoolQuarter Final
10/16/18Tuesday5 p.m.White Seed #1White Seed #4Seed #1 SchoolQuarter Final
10/16/18Tuesday5 p.m.White Seed #2White Seed #3Seed # 2 ScholQuarter Final
10/18/18Thursday5 p.m.Winner of Red Seed #1 v. #4Winner of Red Seed #2 v. #4TBD (Neutral)Semi Finals
10/18/18Thursday5 p.m.Winner of White Seed #1 v. #4Winner of White Seed #2 v. #3TBD (Neutral)Semi Finals
10/23/18Tuesday5 p.m.Red SemiFinal WinnerWhite Semifinal WinnerTBD (Neutral)Finals